KIVA Project - using micro financing to make small loans
KIVA is a well established not for profit organisation based in USA that has provided $1.6bn dollars of Microfinance funding to over 4 million borrowers in over 80 countries.  Basically this is a crowd-funding philosophy with donations made in increments of $25.
Neither Kiva nor Kiva lenders make any money from the loans they facilitate. Because of this, Kiva is able to partner with groups based on social motive, rather than profit motive.
Since 2018 Rotary Club of Maitland Sunrise has loaned small amounts of money as part of KIVA, predominantly to women, for a range of initiatives.  These loans are progressively repaid and can then be re-lent to other borrowers.   The International Committee has also been able to fundraise locally with a view to making a loan to a KIVA project.
Amounts of money that can seem insignificant to us in Australia can make an enormous difference in poorer countries where those with initiative are endeavouring to set up a small business to earn an income.   A loan of $500 is all that may be needed to take an idea and make it reality.    
As at September 2021 the club has made loan totalling $2,200 to 20 recipients, with amounts ranging from $25 to $200.   Of the total amount, some $1,262 has been repaid, with a number of recipients paying on a monthly basis.  
Loan recipients have been located in Kyrgyzstan, Timor Leste, Kenya, Samoa, Tajikstan, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Senegal, Khana, and Indonesia.
A typical KIVA story ….
Scola is a farmer in Kenya, mother of three school age children and the sole breadwinner in her household. Scola is typical of the women our Rotary club have chosen to support through Kiva loans.
The income Scola made from selling milk and crops was used to meet the basic needs of her household, however it was a meagre amount and she worried that it would not be enough to ensure her children’s future education. 
Scola sought a Kiva loan to buy another cow, to increase milk production, lead to her family having more milk for consumption and sale, and improve their living standard.
As part of the Kiva strategy, Field Partner, Juhudi Kilimo, provided Scola with guidance and training in developing a saving culture. 
Scola’s loan for $475 was powered by 12 lenders, including our club. She repaid her loan within 14 months.
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